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obsessed with swimming
doesn't mind the snow, but HATES the rain
Avoids water, but will get in to reach another dog to play
good with bath time, but won't play in puddles or in our pool
She gets excited about the ocean but could care less about other bodies of water
he is leary of water
Loves snow
loves snow and dirt. hates water and cold weather.
Will go out in any kind of weather except Rain...will hold it for 24 hours if its raining unless you force him to go outside. Snow, sleet, hail does not bother him.
He loves the water and it is the only way I can get him tired - swimming at the lake.
Would rather explore the woods rather than splash in the water.
will sleep in sun at temps over 100 degrees -comfortably!
loves to swim and a bath but hates rain
doesn't like the rain
Doesn't understand rain. He tries to run it off of his face.

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