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Common Behaviors

Potcakes are adaptable. They are energetic and love to run and play, but know how to be couch potatoes too. Despite the usual lack of undercoat they are comfortable in all types of weather, tropical or snowy. Potcakes enjoy running, fetch, digging, chewing and following scents. They behave most like herding dogs, hound dogs and terriers, being intelligent, energetic, spirited, and loyal, with good hearing and smell and talent for many activities.

"My potcake loves to run and play but is also happy being a couch potato."

"Digging is a big one, and chewing on things in the yard."

"Will go out in any kind of weather except rain... Snow, sleet, hail does not bother him."

81.5% Loves to exercise and run 
67.2% Plays tug-of-war 
61.8% Enjoys chewing things 
56.7% Responds to distant sounds, alert to noises 
55.0% Follows scents 
Couch potato, lazy, enjoys lounging around
47.3% Digs or burrows a lot 
Pulls on leash, leading you along
42.9% Begs for food when family is eating
41.2% Loves all kinds of weather
37.6% Loves to fetch anything
34.5% Loves to fetch balls 
32.3% Hates the water 
31.7% Loves to fetch sticks 
30.0% Does not fetch  
30.0% Loves the water 
27.5% Rolls in or eats droppings 
15.8% Likes to point out animals by standing still with one paw raised 
14.1% Tries to herd animals and/or people 
11.8% Wanders off or runs away often 
10.7% Overheats in hot weather, panting heavily 
7.6% Dislikes snow and cold weather, shivering excessively 
5.0% Brings dead animals home 


40.8% Herding dogs: intelligent and energetic, obedient and easy to train, enjoy a variety of activities 
35.7% Hound dogs: good sight and smell, enjoy hunting and/or chasing animals, obedient and loyal 
35.5% Terriers: independent and spirited, alert and playful, enjoy chasing small animals and/or digging 
26.5% Sporting dogs: extremely energetic, intelligent and easy going, enjoy water and retrieving objects 
23.5% Working dogs: happy when moving, very loyal, easy to train, active minds, become restless easily 
18.3% Non-sporting dogs: excellent companions, lower energy, less inclined to fetch or chase objects 
8.8% Toy dogs: great companions and lap dogs, strong personalities, highly affectionate 

More Comments 

​​Playing & Toys

  • "Loves soft toys that squeak."

  • "Loves toys! She will play with multiple toys at once."

  • "Loves stuffed toys and chewing bones. She has her favorite toys she always wants to take outside but she isn't allowed. She has shown no interest in fetching anything."

  • "Hides and buries bones."

  • "She loves to follow other dogs who are fetching things!"

  • "Very, very playful. Steals things to incide being chased."

  • "He likes to carry our shoes around the house when we get home. He doesn't eat them, he just struts around very proud of himself."

  • "She DOES enjoy digging!"

  • "No interest in fetching at all."

  • "My potcake loves to run and play but is also happy being a couch potato."

  • "Very athletic dog, high energy."

  • "I buy him puppy puzzles that are supposed to keep him from getting bored but he solves them immediately. He also loves to fetch especially balls. He is so loyal and just wants constant attention. If I leave the room he is right there with me. He is an excessive chewer and will gnaw on anything."

  • "She is an incredibly fast runner. Few dogs or people can keep up with her."

  • "Likes to run after a ball but does not bring it back to me."

  • "He brings a stuffed toy with him to bed each night. he picks a different one each night."

  • "Loves chewing and LOVES licking. Loves to run in the park but sleeps most of the day. She doesn't seem to NEED to go to the park to run like her pot cake brother."

  • "Digging is a big one, and chewing on things in the yard. She's chewed off wiring harnesses on our utility trailer and boat, chewed her doghouse, and anything else left in the yard. She almost died as a youngster because she ate the crushed shell in our yard and got a blockage."

  • "Won't bury ham bones if you're watching; you have to turn away or go inside. Must think we'll tell the cat(s) where she hid them :)."

  • "Loves to run on the beach at full pelt following our boat along the shore."

  • "Electra collects objects in piles, rocks, twigs, socks."

  • "We're working on curbing the mooching. Is fine with water & snow, will sometimes fetch until he loses interest. Lives to hoard socks & toys."

  • "She will eat all things organic: grass, seeds, mushrooms etc. She runs and plays outside but lounges when all is quiet inside."

  • "Likes being chased."

  • "Hiding toys/bones in the house. Hides and tries to cover up by pushing at carpet or whatever is there."

  • "Loves for you to chase her when she has a ball or frisbee."

  • "Loves to play with other dogs, only fetches to compete with older dog in home."

  • "Turk will fetch anything/Suri does not fetch, it's taking time for her to realize that thrown objects are not meant to hurt her anymore."

  • "She likes fetch but never brings the toy back."

  • "She loves to chase thrown balls or other objects, but she is lonely just learning to "fetch."  We have now gotten her to bring it back to our vicinity, but not necessarily give it back to us.  She loves the creek at the dog park, but is still shy of waves at the beach.  She did jump into a pond after some ducks. So far no dead animals...guess that is what my cats are for! She LOVES to chase thrown balls, but rarely brings them back.  I use one of those tennis ball"chuckers" and we walk 9 holes on a golf course.  I toss the ball and she runs like the wind after it.  Carries it for a while and then drops it.  I pick it up when I get to it and toss it again."

  • "Loves to play "keep away" with toys & to be chased."

  • "Excellent and very talented at playing frisbee (jumps to catch, we didn't teach her this). she loves playing sports."

  • "Likes to fetch for about 6-7 throws, loves attention, loves children."

  • "LOVES to play, but sounds vicious if you didn't know she was playing. Will "bite" during play, but never hard. Very high energy, but if there is not a chance to get out and run she can also just relax with the family."

  • "LadyBug definitely shows hound in both look and mannerisms.  She uses her paws a lot to swat. Even when she is bugging the other dogs she squints her eyes and swats like a lion backing up and then lunging forward using her paws to try and bring them down."

  • "Loves to play wrestle with my other dog."

  • "Very very sweet dog...we have two potcakes  (Lulu, female)....litter mates...they play, love each other very much...they play 'fight' in a good way...."

  • Water & Weather
  • "Obsessed with swimming."

  • "Avoids water, but will get in to reach another dog to play."

  • "Good with bath time, but won't play in puddles or in our pool."

  • "She gets excited about the ocean but could care less about other bodies of water."

  • "He is leary of water."

  • "Loves snow."

  • "Loves snow and dirt. hates water and cold weather."

  • "Will go out in any kind of weather except Rain...will hold it for 24 hours if its raining unless you force him to go outside. Snow, sleet, hail does not bother him."

  • "He loves the water and it is the only way I can get him tired - swimming at the lake."

  • "Would rather explore the woods rather than splash in the water."

  • "Will sleep in sun at temps over 100 degrees -comfortably!"

  • "Loves to swim and a bath but hates rain."

  • "Doesn't like the rain."

  • "Doesn't understand rain. He tries to run it off of his face."

  • "When the temps drop in FL she gets cold!"

  • "This will be our first winter with Phoenix and it has hardly been cold yet so it is too soon to determine how he will respond. So far the cold doesn't seem to bother him too much."

  • "Snoop is so loving and obedient. He is wonderful around all ages of children. He spends the summers with us on the boat & he loves the water. He travels everywhere with us & he loves car rides. He is great with our cat & our 21mo old boy- they are all buddies. He is the best dog ever!"

  • "She seems unfazed by weather."

  • "Loves to be in Canada!"

  • "Not crazy about rain (neither is my other potcake, forgot to put on survey)."

  • "Loves all weather except rain."

  • "Doesn't like the rain at all."

  • "Loves excessive heat, like to sleep as near to wood stove as possible."

  • "Hates the rain only time she pees in the house."

  • "Not a fan of rain."

  • "Loves to be outside, and wherever we are.  Doesn't like the rain, generally doesnt like to get his paws wet. Likes the water when its hot outside.  Loves squeaky toys. Has learned to play fetch.  Loves to run with us in the trails, follows very well and even follows us on the bike in trails very well."

  • "Equally enjoys lounging and intense exercise, doesn't like rain, rolls in urine of wild animals (raccoon), points to wild animals/no barking."

  • "Loves the sun [Emma]."

  • "Loves snow."

  • "Paddington was heavier last summer when he was more vulnerable to the heat. Otherwise I had not noticed a discontent for heat in prior summers."

  • "Loves snow, any and all snow!"

  • "Doesn't seem to like to get his paws wet. Runs after balls but doesn't return them."

  • "Does not like rain."

  • "Will sleep in sun at temps over 100 degrees -comfortably!"

  • "She is OK with snow does not like going out in the rain."

  • "LOVES snow and water but won't swim! It's too funny."

  • "Is cold easily loves sun bathing."

  • "Again more exhibited when she was younger. More active in cold weather, tends to lay around in hot weather."

  • "Tendency to become dehydrated in the summer."

  • "Hates heat, loves the cold."

  • "He likes the beach and water, but he doesn't like to swim and he HATES the bath."

  • "LOVES water!"


  • Reacting to Other Animals
  • "Likes to groom her older sister (Shep mix, not a potcake) by licking her face and ears."

  • "Easily distracted by people or horses going past the fence."

  • "I walk her off leash in Central Park daily. The only thing that can distract her is squirrels."

  • "responds quickly to scolding by older dog; learns place quickly from older dog."

  • "She playfully growls at younger dogs as she is playing with them and is being very rambunctious."

  • "She plays with the labs and has fun. She kisses the labs every day. When she met the alpha lab she immediately cleaned her mouth."

  • "Shows teeth when playing, jumps and lunges when on a leash towards other dogs.not aggressive but frustrated."

  • "Greets dogs by placing her paws on their back."

  • "She'll just drop to ground and roll on back if she is scared by a bigger dog."

  • "He growls when the other dog comes upstairs and shows teeth to him...he never has gone at him though."

  • "She submits immediately to all dogs big & small, even guinea pigs."

  • "Likes to play with our other dogs, chasing each other, biting legs, play fighting."

  • "When a young pup would growl and raise fur on back when he sensed another dog had been in the area or was in the area. no longer does this as an older/more socialized dog."

  • "Very social, loves daycare and playing with other dogs."

  • "Horses! he was always guarded around them, but ever since my horse charged him, he is petrified of horses."

  • "When our other dog in the house becomes territorial over a rawhide chewy."

  • "When approached by another dominant dog he shows fear."

  • "Excited when playing with her brother potcake."

  • "She LOVES doggie daycare!"

  • "Very independent, loyal, great with other dogs and cats."

  • "Gets along with every creature."

  • "Very well behaved, loving and so good with our cats."

  • "Love to play with our other male Potcake, but play can quickly turn into a fight."

  • "Plays with our labs."

  • "He is a good dog that  think had to teach us to understand him. He is getting better at treating his brother dog better."

  • "All need to be touching me when we go to sleep. Since we moved to the states they all sleep under the bed covers. I foster and adopt, and they know hen another dog is from the Caribbean, the behaviours change. No hesitation, and instant acceptance."

  • "Loves to play chase with other dogs. Loves to stretch out and lay on his back in funny positions."

  • "Likes certain other dogs, small ones he likes, bigger ones he fears."

  • "Gets excited when owl is in yard in a tree."

  • "Love to run...very fast like a deer....but also loves to sleep...often does not immediately get up when opening up their room in the morning ...loves little dogs but not really big dogs."

  • "She sleeps in a lot. Plays with our labs. Never begged, learned from labs."

  • "Goes crazy over soccer balls & squirrels."

  • "LOVES to run with other dogs. Extremely fast runner. Very social with other dogs."

  • "Plays well with her housemate. a carrin terrier."

  • "Luvs to snuggle with our 6 year old dog and rough house with him...more than humans."

  • "He is a peace keeper between other dogs and cats in the house."

  • "Very loving and non-aggressive with small animals.  She would never hurt a squirrel and loves to play with my sons chihuahua puppy - 1/10th her size."

  • "Caught a squirrel."

  • "LOL She LOVES to chase deer.  She runs like a greyhound after them.  She can see them front some distance, slows motions to a stalking gait and then takes off.  She also loves to chase tree squirrels and dig up mole tunnels.  She has nearly ruined our yard!"

  • "Loving, gentle, caretaker of other pack members, very maternal."


  • More Behaviors
  • "Super good on a leash. Can be slightly distracted during recalls. But my dog is still a puppy...."

  • "Loyal."

  • "She is a healer, loves to lick people scratches and is obsessive if someone has sand spurs on their shoes or pants."

  • "Chews sticks, eats asphalt, very hungry, Sleeps through the night (8 weeks)."

  • "Major food begger, and grabber of unattended snacks."

  • "Very high strung but loves everybody. Will calm down after he adjusts. Not a traditional potcake but looks more like a lab/pitbull/dalmation mix. His sister Lizard is a traditional potcake."

  • "She loves to burry her head in everything like an ostrich."

  • "Crombie cannot go through a door - can't even push it open if it's ajar - but will cry quietly outside to be let in. Diesel will push the door open with his paw. He will also come and tap you with his paw when he feels it is dinner time."

  • "No home destruction chewing of furniture or going through garbage. Can be left alone without worry."

  • "From day one, she has always made and kept eye contact and is very conscious and aware of my whereabouts. She is a big snuggler when its time for bed."

  • "As second smaller dog (70# vs. 85#) he has a Napoleon complex, inferiority complex."

  • "Loyalty to all family members. Likes adventure, new activities, people, kids, babies."

  • "Fire was abused so badly on the streets and came to us with a broken hip that had healed over and fear of spray bottles and other things. She was a yr when she came so many changes for her. She puts up an agressive front to strangers until she is sure they wont hurt her. She is the most sweetest loving girl I have ever known and you would never know she came from off the streets."

  • "Sits in unusual ways, resembling a human....lots of strange little traits."

  • "Goofy and puppy like even at 22 months."

  • "If he does not want to be touched, you cannot lay a finger on him. He should've been named Dodger!"

  • "Stealing then taking laundry outside after long absences."

  • "He's very laid back."

  • "Sensitive, loyal, protective."

  • "Possessive."

  • "Everyone comments on how happy he looks."

  • "She doesn't beg for food while we are eating and she will eventually lay down, but there is definitely eye contact at the start ( good focus)."

  • "A paper chewer :) But only a puppy."

  • "All this relates to her coming right off the streets at an older age and trying to adjust."

  • "Used to like to run but had knee surgery and cannot now as much as she would like to."

  • "Again, kind of early - don't know about dead animals yet or hot weather."

  • "Never begged, learned from labs."

  • "Eats mulch, sticks and leaves. Eats our other dogs droppings."

  • "Very jealous when familiar dog gets attention​."​​

  • "Very snugly, awesome with children (including infant son,) hates strange men, collects weird things from yard (like pots) and puts them by back door, chews leaves, avoids hardwood floors."

  • "Loves to Dig, will dig EVERYTHING AND EVERYWHERE."

  • "Loves to carry things around inside...socks, slippers, soft toys. Outside will drag tree branches for a whole walk (very determined)."

  • "Will watch the television intently whenever there is an animal on it."

  • "Humps everyone."

  • "She hides things we give her & she sleeps under covers."

  • "Loves cat litter."

  • "When outside often looks up, sometimes sniffing the air."

  • "Flops over when she doesn't want to do something."

  • "Loves to walk but also like to be a couch potato."

  • "She actively watches TV and barks at animals and any kind of horror television.  Loves to chase at the lure course but was asked to stop coming because she figured out how to catch the lure by cutting it off."

  • "Loves to carry shoes around."

  • "Does the "sidestroke" in circles every morning to wake up."

  • "Nibbles on short hair (beards, eyebrows etc.)."

  • "Mouthing."

  • "He loves to bury his nose and snuggles his face in blankets and sheets."

  • "Barks at her reflection in the mirror."

  • "Bites like we are chew toys."

  • "We often describe his behavior as 'cat-like'."

  • "Will eat ANYTHING, scavenger."

  • "Doesn't walk.... usually prances, occasionally runs."

  • "Lulu likes to be by herself when SHE wants...often is in her bed in her room...."

  • "Uses her mouth for everything.  Playfully."

  • "Paw licking when bored."

  • "Licks spot on leg excessively. Does not seem to be from anxiety, just boredom."

  • "Highly energetic not to bright."

  • "Loves to run, but also loves to laze around."

  • "Loves to run and runs like the wind."

  • "Runs fast."

  • "She was different when she was younger, ran a lot and played with friends, nowadays she seems to be just happy to have the company of them."

  • "This guy chewed everything, still tends to chew when he's nervous. All our potcakes.ours, my daughters, & ones we've fostered. Love to run and play, but are couch potatoes inside."

  • "Loves chewing up paper, cuddles by running up and leaning against your legs knowing that you'll hug him."

  • "Extremely expressive and goofy."

  • "Albie is very gentle and sweet. He has another quality that is hard to describe; precise, careful, graceful and alert- like a ballet dancer. We call him a "spirit dog" , as he often seem to float, rather than clomp around."

  • "LadyCaic is a very soft gentle soul, in the house she has a very quiet way about her and her eyes almost tell you what she is thinking or asking for. She has a sense of humor and loves to steal socks.  She does not chew them just steals."

  • "He lays quietly."

  • "Would not pee or poop while on a leash until recently, when he started walking with another dog."

  • "He carries shoes around but does not chew them."

  • "Quite often licks her butt."

  • "Fun loving, comedic, highly sensitive, easy going, attentive."

  • "Emma also sleeps under the covers !!One growls if you move her and she doesn't want to be moved."

  • "Very in tune with energy of other dog and family members, pretty crazy puppy, mouthy."

  • "Loves to spoon and sleep under blankets.  He and our other potcake make sounds like elephant seals while the lick each others mouths and gently bite each other.  He obsessively licks his paws.  Sleeps on his back often."

  • "Chews textiles!  Blankets, socks, my son's underwear.  I call her a "Sock-a-holic".she will snatch socks and collect them."

  • "Great stick finder."

  • "Turk loves to swim but requires a life jacket because he just doesn't know how.  Both dogs are ridiculously fast and love to run.  Suri actually frolics more like a horse than a dog and they can both jump insanely high and actually climb trees."

  • "Likes to forage in the trash."

  • "She likes to cross her paws, props her head up on anything that will support it, loves walks and running off leash, strong chewer, will lay out in the sun all day, likes to be under blankets, very good communicator..she taps on the door to be let in, if I don't come right away she taps harder just in case I didn't hear her then barks if I again don't respond."

  • "She walks louder than any other dog I've met, almost like she stomps her feet continually."

  • "Sharp alertness - head tilt to almost any interaction."

  • "She is so smart.  She is a ripper.  She cannot have stuffed toys, because she destroys them in hours.  She loves to just tears things apart-newspapers, papertowels, clumps of seaweed, clumps of Spanish moss, old sticks.  She shreds her dog bed, but has not yet eaten any piece of my furniture.  She has not eaten anybody's phone or other electrical equipment, but she is fixated by one of our TV changer (just the one) and we can't leave it un-attended."

  • "Overly excitable and clumsy."

  • "She is the funniest dog on the planet."

  • "She's crazy! So full of energy, wish we could get her to stop biting! Chews on everything, including us, like a chew toy, she has lots, but prefers us."

  • "Hyper but not too bright, very loving and loyal, energetic."

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