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Potcakes are very docile. When aggressive they may raise their fur and growl or bark, but this rarely escalates to more violent behavior. Potcakes usually only show aggression to strangers and strange dogs, particularly when they are near the house or yard. They are protective of their owners and are good family pets.

"She is very protective of her home."

"...Only barks at people but... she is your best friend after 5 minutes."

"He is very non-aggressive."

64.5% Raises fur on back 
60.9% Growls  
48.5% Barks forcefully and unfriendly 
41.2% Puts ears back 
27.3% Shows teeth 
22.5% Jumps or lunges at 
20.4% Nips or snaps, not in a playful manner 
18.1% Snarls 
3.8% Bites 


42.6% Mailmen/delivery workers pass home or come to door 
34.4% Approached by stranger 
33.8% Approached by another dog while leashed or fenced 
32.4% Approached by stranger while leashed or fenced 
30.2% Other dogs enter yard 
24.0% Squirrels and other wildlife nearby 
20.2% Family member approached by stranger 
19.3% Cyclists and skateboarders pass home 
Cats go by
16.6%  Another dog visits and enters your home
16.2% Strangers nearby while in car 
13.0% Strangers try to pet your potcake 
11.8% Approached by familiar dog when eating 
8.4% Children try to play with potcake 
8.4% Cars pass home
Food taken away
6.1% Friend nears you to shake hands or hug 
5.7% Children playing nearby 
Approached by familiar dog when playing with toy 
4.4% Punished or scolded by a familar person 
4.4% Bathed/groomed at home 
Toys taken away
2.1%  Approached by familiar dog when sleeping


  • More Comments​
  • Aggression
  • "Has become protective/somewhat aggressive toward other dogs and kids."

  • "She will mouth your hands while playing, sometimes its too hard but it is not in an unfriendly manner, just getting too excited."

  • "ONLY to strangers."

  • "This is at dogs he finds threatening (but he does growl at unknown males at times)."

  • "Has not shown aggression, now 11 weeks old."

  • "Does this with children that pursue him. He was abused by children in the Bahamas prior to me taking him in. I have a 3 year old who knows the rules and the 2 of them get along fine!"

  • "Only when she sees something in yard, etc."

  • "Some when threatened."

  • "All exhibited ONLY when on leash or behind a barrier."

  • "Most of this bad stuff he just does to his potcake brother ...not humans."

  • "At garbage/gas man!"

  • "Will sometimes bark at someone at front door, or bark at more agressive larger dogs."

  • "Never bitten anyone."

  • "Trusts everyone and every animal."

  • "We live in the Bahamas, very scared of Bahamian men in general."

  • "... In response to things that frighten or are new to her. She tries to run away."

  • "He is very laid back."

  • "Fire only barks at people but in one minute knows they are friendly. She was abused on the streets even breaking her hip so she does this to see if your friendly. She is your best friend after 5 minutes."

  • "Only when strangers show up. When I know I'm having company I keep them in the office, when everyone arrives, I let them out - they don't like people arriving but don't seem to have a problem when they are settled on our deck."

  • "Alfie is the least aggressive, she will hide."

  • "Dog aggressive on leash."

  • "When he plays with older dog, shows teeth, snarls, jumps... He doesn't do it with me. Does not growl at me or bark - for strangers or strange sounds."

  • "We did have an incident where he bit my step-father rather seriously. We weren't there to witness the event but I am confident that Phoenix felt threatened and did this in an act of what he felt was defense."

  • "She only does this when she is in the car and sees other dogs."

  • "He will bark at people walking past or riding past when we are out walking."

  • "Growls and snaps when moved while sleeping."

  • "Michael doesn't show aggression. He has only once growled at another dog out of jealousy when our daughter was petting the other dog."

  • "Behaviors above only when delivery truck shows up in driveway or doorbell rings. Also if sees another dog being walked on street."

  • "Very submissive..never shows signs of aggression."

  • "When she feels like something bad is occurring only ."

  • "Only barks when someone comes down the driveway."

  • "Has shown no aggression."

  • "Only when cat sneaks up on him."

  • "She barks and growls as a "watchdog", but she is a big fraidy cat... not aggressive at all."

  • "She is protective towards me. She has taken on the alpha role in respect to my two other dogs. She is a hunter. I have no worries with her and people but I am careful with her and other dogs as she can be aggressive towards them."

  • "Extremely territorial over humans in his "circle" in particular his mommy and places he deems as his territory, examples: house, yard, bed, doggy daycare facility, car..."

  • "Food agression. Shows affection to family members."​

  • "He is aggressive to any newcomers in his space human or animal until he decides they are 'safe.'"

  • "Is aggressive with some other dogs when he is on leash. Never even tries to run away, even if all doors are left open, unlike our Husky. On walks always makes sure he can still see us, runs ahead and then comes back to check on us."

  • "Is aggressive when any one enters the home. But when sees who they are she either wants affection from people she likes or snaps at those she doesn't, very aggressive and protective. If strangers ignore her and don't try to pet or talk to her she will, in a short time, calm down and then want affection from them. She is very good with our existing cats and shi-tzu (cleans her ear when infected, cuddles etc)."

  • "Very loving and has never shown aggression. Loves to give you her paw or paws and sit up. So cute!"

  • "Loving. Very loyal to his family and often protective, but never violent. Doesn't like getting in trouble."

  • "Humps cat (female dog)."

  • "Aggressive behavior is typically while leashed. off the leash she is very friendly and doesn't typically display any aggressive behavior."

  • "With strangers only."

  • "Does this when feels unsure of human or dog."

  • "Sometimes snaps when we disturb him while he is sleeping."

  • "With other dogs when leashed. Fine at the dog park."

  • "Barks and growls at strangers."

  • "Plays rough with our 6 yr old dog..but shy with other dogs."


  • "Only growls when getting his nails trimmed."

  • "Never showed aggression."

  • "She has gone into the "red zone" but we are working on it."

  • "He is still very scared of people but learning."

  • "Does not bark at door if I am not home."

  • "Nips at ankles of people walking away."

  • "No aggression."

  • "Food aggressive and bone aggressive only Molly."

  • "Shows no aggression."

  • "With strangers."

  • "I think she occasionally does this to show some dominance towards our other 5 dogs. Not often and it does not last more than a few seconds."

  • "None- she has shown no sign of aggression."

  • "My potcake gets along with everyone."

  • "Little snappy in the beginning when scared (usually with bigger breeds)."

  • "Never has shown the slightest hint of aggression."

  • "He likes to dominate smaller dogs."

  • "Towards our other dogs when feeding very nasty to other dogs not people."

  • "Michael doesn't show aggression. He has only once growled at another dog out of jealousy when our daughter was petting the other dog."

  • "Leash aggression. He is very unhappy if he can't say hello to dogs. He gets aggressive."

  • "She has food aggression and dog aggression."

  • "I don't think our dog knows what aggression is."

  • "Non-aggressive play - growling - only."

  • "Very calm around other dogs."

  • "Only at other adult dogs that she doesn't know. Excellent with puppies, teaches them appropriate dog behavior, will scold them, but won't hurt them. Doesn't play with them, just keeps them in line!"

  • "Only at strangers and one dog that she doesn't like, other dogs are fine."

  • "She is a barker at every sound and does not accept strangers easily."

  • "Does not like paws touched! Will growl, not in an aggressive way but in a " I don't like that " way."

  • "Hunts wildlife and cats."

  • "Has never shown aggression - just a little timid!"

  • "He doesn't appear to have a mean or aggressive bone in his body."

  • "Lulu is not very aggressive..maybe barks but not unfriendly."

  • "Only does this when strangers approach. Puts ears back in submission, growls when afraid."

  • "Never attacks a dog or humane being unless she is attacked."

  • "It's intended as fun, but hurt so!"

  • "Grouchy when nap interrupted."

  • "Stubborn, nippy when doesn't get what she wants."

  • "Generalized anxiety disorder; resource guarding; fear aggression. Followed by the OSU Behavioral Medical Clinic. Currently on Prozac & Terazodone as prescribed by OSE Veterinarianies Behavioral Clinic."

  • "She is feisty and if she does not want to be touched she growls and pretty much speaks to you in a snarl. Will bite upon provocations but that is only if she is really annoyed with you.  Cant touch her paws even though she has been touched on them every day since 9 weeks of age she now snarls and nips my hand."

  • "Fear aggressive; resource guards."

  • "LadyBug is now 5 months old and has just started the above behavior.  Our first potcake LadyCaic did this at this age as well but with a positive form of reprimand she quickly grew out of it as I am sure LadyBug will.  Once she gets to know the person she is loveable and friendly from then on."

  • Aggression Triggers
  • "We had some bone aggression, very mild and now it has been curbed. No aggression at all."

  • "When HE approaches the familiar dog!"

  • "A dog attacked her when she was young, and she gets aggressive with her now."

  • "Approached by a stranger in our house."

  • "If approached suddenly by stranger/closely."

  • "His aggression is purely a warning.   He just barks and then when he gets close is generally friendly or intimidated...He is getting better all the time. He chases skiers."

  • "He is playful and submissive to most dogs. He only gets aggressive with one dog out of more than 50 he regularly sees at the dog parks."

  • "Chases squirrels, but is really not aggressive in any way."

  • "When we disturb him while he is sleeping."

  • "Mostly barks and growls."

  • "He will avoid strangers unless he feels threatened then he will bark/growl at them. Also has aggression towards submissive puppies."

  • "Getting nails clipped."

  • "When he feels threatened by another dog."

  • "When one neighbour visits Jackson barks aggressively for a few minutes then calms right down like nothing happened and let's neighbour pet him."

  • "No aggressive traits - just barks to alert if stranger is at door."

  • "When startled awake when laying at your feet. never bites. Only when sound asleep."

  • "When another dog or human lunges or approaches too quickly and closely toward his face."

  • "Has been aggressive one time when taking a bone away. Aggressive one time at the office when a co-worker surprised him and appeared suddenly, she tried to pet him and he kept barking until I told him it was okay a few times."

  • "Only certain dogs/people - usually friendly."

  • "Appears to be leash reactive, don't have the troubles at home."

  • "If you try to take something out of his mouth; if menaced by unfriendly dog."

  • "Shows no aggression."

  • "Approached by unfamiliar dogs."

  • "Only barks and runs away."

  • "My potcake has never shown aggression."

  • "Puts ears back when unsure of a strange (large dog)."

  • "People on bikes, children with loud noises (he was tormented by a child one day in the elevator.)"

  • "Yelling, when done by adults, loudly barks. When done by children (high pitches yelling), barks and has lunged on a few occasions."

  • "We have 2 cats that we had when we got Sienna that she is awesome with. We recently "inherited" a dear deceased friends older cat and Sienna is very aggressive with him."

  • "None of the above, takes cues from other dog in home, barks at strange dogs if she doesn't like them."

  • "Her reactions appear random."

  • "Only barks at certain people (strangers). Have no idea why."

  • "After dark, will look out the window & bark (a warning)."

  • "Not really aggressive but plays rough with our 2 dogs, likes to mouth/chew on them."

  • "She really doesn't do any of these."

  • "Not being able to meet other dogs on leash."

  • "Approached by aggressive dog."

  • "Any newcomer to the environment."

  • "Approaching her kennel while she's in it."

  • "As a new puppy I got her at 8 weeks she was growly aggressive / maybe out of fear but  would bite and growl if touched when sleeping or if she did not want you to touch her or hold her much better now that I have worked puppy restraints now only grumbles at being moved. when I am rolling her on her on her back she will snarl show teeth and bite."

  • "Men."

  • "Only shows aggression when surprised, esp. When vision is impeded (i.e. at night) but it's very rare to see any aggression- usually only a low growl or a bark."

  • "Never aggressive."

  • "Non-aggressive barking and growling - only."

  • "Only reactive to one of our dogs when she is eating, the other one, no reaction."

  • "Only aggressive to big dogs. Loves little dogs and cats."

  • "Willows ONLY issues have been with other dogs. I adopted her at 10 weeks old - she was already exhibiting lip curls and snapping at other dogs when they got too close. She has come a long way, she has some doggy friends now and currently lives happily with 4 other small dogs."

  • "Sometimes when people knock at door but quickly calms down."

  • "He only growls when he hears someone coming into the house, but never snaps or bites, and when they come in he gets excited and licks them."

  • "When something scared him (sound) or when a stranger enters the home unannounced."

  • "Cars going by while walking."

  • "None."

  • "Approached by a stranger off leash."

  • "She loves our other dog and will bond with others she gets to know, but she cannot be trusted with dogs around her size or larger when she first meets them. She does not like toddlers, and while she has not ever bitten a child, she bares her teeth and makes it clear they should go away."

  • "She is very well behaved, gets alone with our other dogs 99% of the time which is about the same for all 6 of them. Does not like strange dogs approaching her but is not hard to handle."

  • "Food aggression."

  • "Once a stranger comes inside she barks but eventually settles down to smell them and get petted lovingly and gently tugs on your coat sleeve when happy during a walk. Very soft mouth when taking treats."

  • "Barks by door bell and when friends first enter."

  • "Very aggressive to other dogs. Will fight with any dog instantly. Shows no fear or quit against any dog no matter what size. Patty is 38 lbs."

  • "Very mild, never fierce, more of a "warning" to us."

  • "When in sight of a certain black dog that has been aggressive towards Ollie."

  • "When he can't get to the person/animal that is outside. His hair will go up and he will whine to be let out to investigate."

  • "Jealous aggression towards other dogs who approach us for attention."

  • "When we try to move her when she is on the bed."

  • "When too-persistent strange dog bothers her."

  • "Shows absolutely no aggression to anything - just barks to alert if stranger is at door."

  • "Growls occasionally if toddler wakes her from deep sleep."

  • "He doesn't really get aggressive, he just barks loudly to let them know he's there. In the 5 years I have had him he has only been aggressive towards two people and I think both were triggered by a 6th sense."

  • "Some aggression shown at Dog Park."

  • "She is definitely a resource guarder."

  • "Rare when it happens. But sometimes when he hears someone in the hallway outside our apartment that he doesn't recognize, he'll bark. Otherwise the couple times he really didn't like someone on the street, they were down the block and not interacting with him. He just decided he didn't like them and growled with hackles up."

  • "Katy is not the least bit aggressive."

  • "His aggression is purely a warning. He just barks and then when he gets close is generally friendly or intimidated...He is still a pup and getting better all the tiime."

  • "Strange cats walking through yard."

  • "Vet techs not being slow and sweet."

  • "Just barks sometimes, not agressively."

  • "She has not shown any aggressive behavior."

  • "Mainly bahamian men."

  • "Sees something new (wheel barrel full of leaves) or storm grates."

  • "Goat tries to eat his food."

  • "She only shows aggression if another dogs does first."

  • "ONLY TO OTHER DOGS THAT ENTER HER TERRITORY THAT SHE DOES NOT KNOW. Will bark at strangers, but this is all that has been observed."

  • "Some strangers entering home, door bell."

  • "Fire is 1 yr and 3 months and has only been off the streets from sept 11. She is very submissive but puts up a front to make sure people are not going to hurt her. She was very abused and sick when she came."

  • "Small dog trying to hump her."

  • "She growls at my oldest dog when she is with me on the couch or bed. only occasiomally. Also she is rawhide aggressive."

  • "Hard to tell; haven't had him very long - only 6 weeks; he growls sometimes when older dog is getting attention from me."

  • "Unfamiliar car enters driveway (ours is long)."

  • "Small fluffy dogs."

  • "Raises fur when playing with my other potcake who does same."

  • "Mainly aggressive with unknown dogs."

  • "Very possessive of food."

  • "ONLY strange MEN, not women or children."

  • "Familiar dog walks by when human food is on table."

  • "When a Bahamian visiting our home picks up a rock and tries to throw it at Haggis."

  • "Never!!! Always as gentle as can be!!"

  • "Certain people she was afraid of. Hadn't figured out a pattern other than it was mostly people I was worried about or larger unfamiliar males."

  • "She hates when strangers walk straight toward her and make eye contact."

  • "Usually he's good with kids, but if he's cornered and not able to move freely, he might growl if a kid tries to pet him."

  • Protecting the Owner

  • "Air bites if others come too close to human parents."

  • "Very protective of me."

  • "Puts herself between perceived danger and us."

  • "She growls a little when I am with a that I do not introduce to her."

  • "She is protective of us and her home, we're working on getting her to understand that this is not the way to do so. She's smart, she's learning, she's still a baby, afterall. ;)"

  • "Protective and loyal of family members."

  • "Very friendly but protective."

  • "Shows aggression to a stranger if he feels I am afraid. Normal aggression to another dog if he is in the yard. He is very protective."

  • "Very attached and protective of human parents, baby brother cat, home, car. protective. Barks to announce people."

  • "Butt biter of strangers. Guard dog."

  • "He is very protective of family. His biggest issue is that he nips and barks at anyone who comes into the yard or house who is not family."

  • "Shows teeth when she thinks I'm threatened."

  • "Saved my life by chasing an intruder out of the house with all checked behaviors."

  • "Turk is never aggressive towards people, but Suri is so protective that if she sees someone that may be a threat to me, she will lunge and nip.  E.G. a plumber in the house fixing the toilet."

  • "With delivery men, and when she doesnt want to be touched."

  • "Protective of me and property."

  • "Many of these things will make him bark, but aggression only occurs when family is approached."

  • "Claire is protective of her home and growls at strangers but I wouldnt say she is an aggressive dog."

  • "The stranger or dog would have to seem threatening for her to show aggression but she always stands between me and stranger/dog otherwise she is very passive."

  • "She is very protective. She barks at strangers but will eventually warm up to them. She is OK with cats."

  • "She is very protective of us. She guards but is friendly when out."

  • "Hyper alert to environment - scanning for threats - seems in mode of working to protect me and can't be distracted by fun."

  • "Very protective of her "herd" (Family)."

  • "Loyal to owners."

  • "Very loyal to his family and often protective, but never violent. Doesn't like getting in trouble."

  • "Very very opinionated if she does not want to do something and will pretty much flat out lay on the ground and refuse to listen to you or come near you, but loyal and protective of me when we are out alone together. Remarkable dog."

  • "Very loyal to me in particular, has to keep an eye on me at all times. If husband is taking care of her while I am gone, she is doesn't do that, but if I change rooms, she will move so she can see me at all times. Even at 17 when it's really hard for her to move. If she is asleep and can't find me, she will bark until I come get her and move her so she can see me."

  • "Loyalty affection protective awesome!!"

  • "Very independent , does her thing and if she feels like it she comes to get a hug and a pet , loves her own garden and is very protective of the immediate family."

  • "Very protective over family and friends."


  • In the Home, Car, Yard and Boat
  • "Loves belly rubs and car rides."

  • "Acts like a sentry in the car."

  • "Very protective of our space..."

  • "She LOVES to ride in the car but sometimes won't come and plays hard to catch. Once she is leashed she marches right along and hops in the car."

  • "Barks when people walk by windows."

  • "Turkey is protective of the house but if told no, he greets happily and is very friendly. He seems to be part French shepherd and does have protection instinct, but it is easily controlled."

  • "Very protective of property."

  • "Charges dogs who come on her property."

  • "HATES the mailman, gets very aggressive."

  • "She shivered on her first boat ride, first car ride..but now hops right in."

  • "Growls when dogs pass home."

  • "Just don't get off on to my dock...."

  • "Car rides make him anxious, but he jumps in the car without trouble."

  • "Car rides are her favorite."

  • "Barks to let us know when somebody is near our house, but no aggression at all."

  • "He loves to go for car and boat rides."

  • "He also likes to "patrol" the home like a sentry. He goes from window to window around the house just observing."

  • "Travels easily on planes, boats, car and golf carts!!"

  • "Is on high alert in the car. We call her radar."

  • "Has fear aggression Only to strangers, people afraid of dogs and other dogs. Responds well to training though. Turkey is protective of the house but if told no, he greets happily and is very friendly.   He seems to be part French shepherd and does have protection instinct, but it is easily controlled."

  • "She is super friendly, but will show protective behaviors when a stranger approaches her territory.  Then makes friends quickly, when they are 'introduced.'"

  • "Stranger fear, protects the house."

  • "Only to strangers in our yard or home."

  • "Tiki is brave behind a fence or in a car. Very friendly butprotectiv. She only does this when she is in the car and sees other dogs.  She plays with the labs and has fun.  She kisses the labs every day.  When she met the alpha lab she immediately cleaned her mouth."

  • "Any new person in home."

  • "Any dog that is in the area at home or on a walk."

  • "Protective of our home and yard in general.  Protective of people entering the house/coming to the door.  Not aggressive to people while we're taking walks or at the beach.  Has been protective of us while we're walking trails and people are approaching us.  Has nipped at a child before."

  • "When she thinks there's someone/something in the yard."

  • "This only happens in what she considers to be her 'home territory.'"

  • "LadyBug when someone new approaches will bark with hackles up and if they ignore her she moves on quickly and gets over it.  If they persist on trying to convince her to let them pat her she growls and backs away.  She does not run at them just keeps her distance.  She is very protective of the vehicle when we get gas or people walk by and is not timid in showing it.  Deep warning growls and barks with muzzle pressed against window."

  • "Gets car sick, does not like to get in the car."

  • "Gets very car sick."

  • "Territorial.  Does not like new people at home, but seems ok with them away from home."

  • "Pepper is most happy when the whole family is home. She love a rawhide in the evening. She does not like the car."

  • "She is the alpha of the house. Great eyesight. Is on high alert in the car.  We call her radar."

  • "Very in tune with me. Excellent boater."

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