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Potcakes are affectionate and highly intelligent. They enjoy spending time with their owners, whether playing together or just being near each other. Potcakes are attentive to their owners and respond well to commands. They are easy to train and make for loving pets.

"Very affectionate, appreciative and protective."

"Thinks he is a total lap dog."

"The absolute sweetest dog I have ever owned."

94.1% Greets with tail wagging, friendly barks, and/or jumping
93.1% Enjoys being petted
87.4% Wags tail a lot
80.0% Follows you around everywhere
77.5% Tries to get in your lap or on furniture with you
69.3% Licks you and others
53.4% Brings toys to you
41.8% Whimpers, whines, howls, etc. when left without you
7.8% Often ignores you
Only occasionally wants your attention
5.9% Does not follow you around
0.2% Rarely acknowledges you

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  • Affection to Owner
  • ​"Loves to cuddle as close as possible."

  • "Very affectionate and territorial - act like puppies no matter how old they are."

  • "Nuzzles and cuddles​."

  • "Happy to be with you but not super affectionate."

  • "Loves to cuddle."

  • "So Very Sweet."

  • "Too big to sit on my lap, but always tries."

  • "Very affectionate, loves to sit with you, sleep next to you."

  • "Cuddly. Very motivated by being with me."

  • "Very affectionate, appreciative and protective."

  • "Very lovable, lots of licking/kissing, loves all people and most dogs (even some that scare her), likes to be close to humans, sitting on us, loves to run and play, does "the potcake"...sleeping on back with all limbs spread out, sits like a person on couch. She's hilarious."

  • "Big dog thinks she's a lap dog! The absolute sweetest dog I have ever owned. Extra lovable and adorable."

  • "Uses her front paws like ARMS, to literally "hug" you. Highly intelligent. and fiercely loyal. Best dog I have ever had!"

  • "Loves snuggling when not playing."

  • "Very affectionate, mellow, easy-going dog."

  • "Likes to lay on back with legs in the air."

  • "She loves to be petted (by people she trusts) and will keep nudging until SHE has had enough :-) ... she especially loves tummy rubs."

  • "One of the most affectionate dogs I have ever owned."

  • "Extremely loyal, smart and affectionate."

  • "Wants to please - feelings get hurt if he is scolded."

  • "Very loving and loyal but easily intimidated."

    "Sweetheart, gentle, not food aggressive at all."

  • "Most loyal dog ever owned."

  • "Independent, observer."

  • "They are too passive and they don't have a mean streak in them. We say they don't have a back bone (as a joke). But we wouldn't have any other dog we love them so much. They are great family dogs excellent with children and others animals (cats and dogs)."

  • "Loves pets and massage - loving touch - could take it for hours (unlike my other dog who likes it only for minutes); willing to try new things easily, not a scaredy-cat but not sure he can do it yet."

  • "Very affectionate, ornery."

  • "Stubborn, single minded, loving, bitchy, silly....45 lb. lap dog!"

  • "LOVING!!!"

  • "Very loving, enjoys cuddling! Submissive, but adapts quickly to new situations. Penny is the best dog I could have asked for!"

  • "Sweet disposition; sits on one hip; likes to drape her body over owner."

  • "Extremely loving and friendly. Very social. Likes being a part of the pack."

  • "She is EXTREMELY eager to please, but does not like too much close cuddling. Her ears are very responsive - showing her mood."

  • ​"Goofy, playful, loyal, affectionate, territorial and protective of the family. Appreciative of his food and treats. Do not like to be ignored, loves petting and massages."

  • "Loyal and loving."

  • "Affectionate, very loyal, has been very responsive to dog training, calm demeanor."

  • "Pulls us to her mouthing us for a period of 5 min. grabs my hand and pulls me to her when I come home and throws her puzzle pieces at me if after 10 minutes I have not giving her enough of my undivided attention."

  • "Puts nose close to my face. no licking, just little 'kisses'."

  • "Desi enjoys time resting in her bed and frequently goes there right after meals."

  • "He is very sweet with family, just not in our faces."

  • "Howls when the fire police sirens are going.. whines when I talk to her, and loves to cuddle, she cannot get close enough to me."

  • "He sits or sleeps by me, but often off on his own downstairs."

  • "Great with the kids.  Lays on top of all of us for family movie night."

  • "Sulks in kennel when left without me."

  • "Loves being near me at all times."

  • "Picks out garbage and shreds the paper when left alone."

  • "Very shy at first but warming up nicely now."

  • "Sleeps in the bed and cuddles, has to be touching me when we sleep.  Makes a lot of eye contact."

  • "Sit beside you and gently lean in; very devoted to me as individual."

  • "Sienna will perch herself on the edge of the couch or the bed and when one of us walks by she will shyly reach her paw toward us."

  • "Very loyal, territorial, submissive to older dog in home."

  • "They both use their paws a lot to get attention and although they are best buds they show extreme jealousy for my affection."

  • "Jumps up on me and mouths on arms and feet when excited."

  • "Very affectionate, loves to be next to me at all times. She will paw at me for attention."

  • "Blocking us while we walk while bending around to look at us, wagging tail wildly, wacking herself in the head with her tail. LOL."

  • "Sulks and whimpers ( in a humanly manipulative way ) if you are not giving him attention."

  • "When I'm at the computer, she will either paw me to pick her up OR just lean her side on me so that I pet her. :)"

  • "He used to whimper/whine when we left him, but now he is more stable."

  • "Sleeps with us & loves to be snuggled. He also loves all other dogs and appears to be a good will ambassador to all dogs."

  • "Lulu often ignores but also loves attention...depends on what she wants....."

  • "Loves to cuddle."

  • "She loves to get petted but only when she wants it, she is very independent."

  • "Lies on back, paws in the air. curls paws together/overlapping them. very expressive and engaged eye contact."

  • "Likes to snuggle, but gets grumpy if she's tired and you try and move her."

  • "Picks a favorite family member - changes constantly. Gets easily miffed. Fussy about her food. Is a big cuddler. Does her own thing."

  • "Such a lover!!!"

  • "Very affectionate to owner."

  • "Sweet with family."

  • "Very affectionate and loyal to owner."

  • "Very loyal and happy girl, she always wants to be with us."


  • "Follows me everywhere, has to be near me and is then content."

  • "She was wary at first but now understands she is home forever with us. She is very confident and relaxed with new people unless feels threatened (her or us) she is also very independent, but when wants to cuddle, she will sit on us till she has had enough. Often she has a resigned look on her face, and looks so sad when there is no reason to be."

  • "He is just now beginning to come around to us. He is only 15 weeks old. We've only had him for 2 weeks."

  • "Good balance of energy and mellowness.  Relaxes if given the opportunity but will play with other dogs for hours if given the opportunity. Loves to be with us always, and even gets very jealous of our 2 cats getting any attention instead of him."

  • "Extremely loving and affectionate."

  • "Very playful and sweet; devoted entirely to me; likes to be outside all the time."

  • "Seems happiest when I'm in physical contact with her."

  • "She's turning into more of a cuddler as she gets older, but generally prefers to sleep at the foot of the bed instead of snuggled with me.  She will come to me for head scratches when she realizes I'm awake in the morning.  She will oftentimes gently head-bump me when she wants attention."

  • "She seems to know just exactly what she can do to get our attention.  She knows just how to punch our buttons. We are putty in her paws."

  • "Always wants physical contact, often with us holding her paws."

  • "Boca is so loving and gentle - the most affectionate dog I've ever owned. She is happy doing just about anything - a car ride, doggie play dates, a walk or just hanging out at home."

  • "Lies on his back Very sweet, loving & affectionate."

  • "Lulu, is her own 'dog'...she loves attention and is a licker...but will be a loner at times...will beacross a room not facing the group....loves the  dog park ...any attention....combing, bathing,  petting."

  • "Leans on our legs."

  • "Affectionate, prefers to have space of her own away from other dogs in the house."

  • "Must sleep next to me with her/his head touching me."

  • "Barks when being ignored and wants to play or feels ignored."

  • "He leans on us all the time. A dominance thing maybe? We push him away and say no."





  • Reacting to People
  • "Clings to people rather than other dogs."

  • "She tries to stop me from going out the door with out her."

  • "She's a herder!"

  • "Seems to love everyone."

  • "Haggis is very loyal and loving to my husband and myself but really doesn't pay much attention to other people, She is friendly towards other people but aloof.

  • "Only licks me and my boyfriend. Stays away from others."

  • "Does not like strangers or unfamiliar kids.""

  • "Very friendly with people and dogs he knows."

  • "He loves kids. All the neighborhood kids know him. He gets really excited when he sees my son put on his soccer cleats, he knows we are going to the field. He even climbs up the bleachers to sit on the bench with the team when they are resting. I was surprised at how much he loves kids."

  • "Katy loves all people and all dogs - esp. children!"

  • "Extremely loyal, intelligent and laidback personality, very friendly with adults and children, submissive."

  • "Loves everyone."

  • "Barks at people."

  • "Greets only those he knows with tail wagging, etc. He is protective around strangers but warms
    up quickly with encouragement."

  • "Sniffs everyone and everything!  Vocalizes, makes very strange sounds and sounds like he is
    trying to speak to you when he wants something.

  • "Sometimes ignores you."

  • "Is petrified of men, people w/ hats, brooms, waving sticks or other objects."

  • "Can be independent."

  • "Very shy."

  • "Shy when meeting new people."

  • "She is a very friendly social dog."

  • "Happy, enjoys company of people & dogs."

  • "Big lummux, clumsy big and friendly."

  • "Curious...needs to be in the middle of ALL activity...dislikes NO ONE."

  • "Unbelievably calm and gentle with babies and small children."

  • "Dexter just really wants to be with his people all of the time. He doesnt like to be alone, he didnt
    like his crate at first but now is used to it. He loves our 10 year old yellow lab."

  • "Quite shy in new situations and with people but loves other dogs."

  • "Likes his family and is generally friendly toward people but he seemed lonely so we got him a
    dog buddy and he prefers him over human companions."

  • "He does have some reservations with strangers and we are working to overcome that with
    socialization. He is great with dogs he knows but not a big fan of strange dogs. He is not a
    dominant dog in a house and usually is always a follower around other dogs. He never jumps he
    sort of climbs on things."

  • "Turk is just an overall sweet puppy."

  • "She is gentle and sweet with tiny babies and smaller dogs as if she knows she must mother them."

  • "Easy going with family baby, interacts well with her, loves her unconditionally."

  • "Super shy with strangers but very loving and outgoing with me."

  • "After a few hours around strange humans and dogs, becomes very comfortable and is very good
    with children and all other dogs."

  • "Very friendly."

  • "Good with kids."

  • "Sweet."

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