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Obedience & Intelligence

Potcakes are highly intelligent. They are house-trained easily and fast, despite their early days living on the streets.  Many are eager to learn tricks.  While potcakes are for the most part obedient, some potcakes seem to want to do their own thing every now and then. 

"Regularly outsmarts me."

"Extremely intelligent."

"Learns easily, he could be a circus dog!"

"Obeys when he feels like it, it just depends on what it is."

86.3% Fully house trained

71.2% Responds quickly and submissively to scolding 
67.6% Listens to name immediately when called 
60.5% Is very sensitive to scolding 
57.6% Pays close attention to you 
Easily distracted by sights, smells, objects, etc.
43.7%  Obeys consistently
38.4% Obeys when feels like it 
36.8% Sometimes listens when called 
Learns tricks slowly
10.3%  Partially house trained, has accidents
7.3% Responds slowly to scolding, doesn't seem to understand 
4.4% Ignores commands 
2.9% Difficult to house train 
0.6% Does not listen to name 

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  • Obeying and Showing Obedience
  • "Very intelligent, learns very quickly, but only listens when he wants to."

  • "LOVES training and working with me."

  • "She has her AKC Good Citizen Award and has also been through Basic Agility training."

  • "Penny is extremely smart. But she is stubborn and wants to do things on her terms."

  • "Smart but only follows commands when he feels like it!"

  • "Very intelligent."

  • "Learns tricks quickly."

  • "Won't learn tricks but obeys basic commands."

  • "Obeys when she feels like it, it just depends on what it is & some of them she obeys consistently. Will pay close attention when I get her to focus unless there is another dog to play with. And not sure of the scolding, she has never been scolded or punished only positive reinforcement."

  • "Very responsive to dog training"

  • "Understands quite a variety of verbal commands, also reacts differently when certain words are spoken, ears up, looking up when we say "Where's the Chicken!" and ears up and nose to the ground when we say "Where's the rat!""

  • "Responds well to basic commands. Extremely smart! Told once, she will do it again."

  • "Smart to the extreme."

  • "Shadow is not easy to train, but she is intelligent, stubborn and shy."

  • "Buster is extremely intelligent."

  • "He is very loyal, very obedient. And so smart! Never had a dog like Kona. Never runs off, stays in the yard. Listens to every command. When you tell him to do something he cocks his head at you like he's processing the information, then goes and does it. Loves to ride in the car. Is so smart I could go on and on."

  • "Takes a while to learn a trick but LOVES to do that trick over and over once she "gets" it."

  • "Most intelligent of all the breeds I have experience with (jack russell, shephard, ridgeback) very bonded to their family, extremely appreciative of attention, and has very submissive and shameful reaction to disapproval of their family.. also seems to easily submit to their human family (regardless of age) as the alphas."

  • "Very very smart and easily able to manipulate other dogs to get what he wants. Totally fearless. As he matures, becoming a little aloof with strangers & displaying protective instincts over the house."

  • "She is an amazingly perceptive dog. A friend of mine visited and Coconut acted so differently during the visit only later to learn she was pregnant. She is a nurse maid to our other dogs, loves to snuggle and loves to nap as much as she loves to go for a run."

  • "So sensitive to our feelings..does not want to get in trouble, really only have to let her know once that what she is doing is wrong..she usually does not to that again."

  • "He is so smart. Very expressive. He is my little buddy. Best breed."

  • "Extremely loving and loyal, stubborn (in a cute way), very smart, learns quickly, enjoys puzzles, desire to trust, wants to please, eats up attention."

  • "Have to 'scold' very gently. Otherwise he is mortified."

  • "Had problems biting, jumping, learns exceptionally fast. Took to training well. Willful, but mostly obedient. Will not steal or beg for food. He has had training, and all family members take part."

  • "LadyBug is more challenging than our first potcake in that she is not a gentle submissive type but a sassy playful mischievous girl who likes to test how serious you are before she listens.  She in the end always does as she is told but not without swatting at you with her paws and bouncing around first."

  • "He listens to you when you call his name, but he doesn't always DO what you want him do. But he knows. He is very, very intelligent. Our friends think he was once a human!"

  • "Most of the time she obeys but can get easily distracted especially when other dogs are around or she is distracted by sights or sounds."

    "Somewhere between always and sometimes...Does well with obedience about 90% of the time although it has taken some effort (as can be expected with any dog).  Have to keep his attention and he will obey.  He disobeys still sometimes, and runs to hunt or chase things if he wants, but eventually responds.  Might ignore you temporarily if he is sniffing."

  • "Extremely intelligent!"

  • "Abigail is totally deaf but easily learned to come to hand signal or a flashlight at night."

  • "Immediately learned wireless fencing."

  • "REALLY enjoys training."

  • "Pays attention most of the time but also can get distracted."

  • "Very smart and quick learner."

  • "Food driven, will do any trick for treats. No treats no tricks. Too smart for her own good."

  • "Walks well on leash."

  • "Obeys mostly."

  • "She is very smart, eager to learn and easy to train..BUT she has a mind of her own and if she is busy doing what she wants to do, then she will look at you, refuse to come on command, and keep doing what she wants. She is still young, so easily distracted.  She learns tricks quickly, then pays close attention to you, so she can decide how SHE wants to respond!"

  • "VERY easy to train. Sit, stay, speak etc.."

  • "Very willful dog.  Had him in obedience training since puppy. I had to command the Alpha role not that his temperament was an Alpha as leader but he is stubborn. However when our house hierarchy was established he was/ is wonderful.  Can't stress enough how intelligent and sensitive he is. :)"

  • "She is a very smart and sensitive dog. She loves playing training games and responds beautifully to positive reinforcement training methods."

  • "Needs to be challenged - eager to learn."

  • "Easily trainable with treats."

  • "Very smart & loves to work on training."

  • "Learns tricks easily. VERY driven by treats."

  • "She did well is puppy training but we have not spent the appropriate time reinforcing the behaviors."

  • "Actually if she did something she wasn't supposed to you can see it in her eyes, just the way she looks at you, very smart dog."

  • "Fiercely loyal and a very easy to train dog. Picks up new tricks and commands very quickly."

  • "Highly intelligent, very loyal, cautiously courageous."

  • "Intelligent, very protective of his people, extremely loyal, happy couch potato but also loves to wrestle with dogs and go for walks and runs, easy to train, a little clumsy, attentive, happy."

  • "Extremely loyal, intelligent and laidback personality, very friendly with adults and children, submissive."

  • "Smart and can easily adapt to training methods so that you always have to stay one step ahead of her."

  • "Very smart and wants to please.  She is the only dog I've ever had that found her way back home after being spooked on a walk far from home and escaping from her leash."

  • "Highly intelligent, very cuddly (snuggles on the couch), highly distractible (mainly by scents), very selective listening."

  • "Very smart, but kind of stubborn, protective, very much toy driven."

  • "Intelligent, independent, willful."

  • "Intelligent, energetic, obedient and easy to train, enjoys a variety of activities, excellent companion, less inclined to fetch/chase, alert and playful, highly affectionate, strong personality and lap dog."

  • "Kind, gentle and happy.  Excellent with other dogs - would be a good therapy dog for rescues."

  • "Very attentive.  Watches surroundings intensively.  Often watches television.  Drawn to windows.  Exhibits higher order thinking (e.g. attempted to teach our black lab to fetch)."

  • "Very intelligent; we have her only for 2 months (and she is almost 6 months now) and learned a lot of tricks very fast; will do them all for a treat, but not so much if you're empty handed. :)"

  • "Great memory knows specific commercials and even in slumber knows a doggy is in commercial jumps up and whines paces talking to tv. Loves learning new games and is very food motivated."

  • "Aura is independent but loving and loyal and can track and hunt and grab a bird out of mid air."

  • "Great smile. very smart she watches things and can figure them out. she learned how to get in the pool by watching me."

  • "Very loyal, waits patiently for food, very good manners, quickly potty trained, good watch dog and has great hearing."

  • "Gracie is the most submissive dogs I've ever known. Very sweet and affectionate."

  • "Calm! She is the most easygoing puppy, we've never had a problem with puppy biting, etc (and I'm a vet so I've experienced ALL range of puppy behaviors!).  We feel so lucky to have this little lady!"

  • "Very well behaved/"

  • "Very smart. Loves to run really fast."

  • "Extremely obedient off leash."

  • "Oscar is a therapy dog and truly lives to make people happy. If he's bored he becomes despondent. Very eager and happy to learn new tricks or commands :)"


  • Disobeying and Running Away
  • "Likes to run/wander off and does not come back immediately when called."

  • "Roams outside and near water (obsessed with swimming) but never goes far and always comes home when called."

  • "Usually only ignores if he is out in the yard and doesn't want to come in....usually responds though."

  • "Doesn't always come right away when at the dog park :)"

  • "She likes to stay outside so sometimes when we call she doesn't come. Inside she comes immediately. Very smart. Mimics the Labradors."

  • "Knows if she has done something wrong, but doesn't care."

  • "I have always called her my ADD dog because she is easily distracted!"

  • "Gets easily offended."

  • "Slow to come to you off leash but will in time. Not food motivated."

  • "Can be sneaky will disobey if no one is watching."

  • "Sienna is very smart and very stubborn! Does everything on her own terms! She is also very sensitive and gets her feelings hurt very easily!"

  • "Does not always "drop it" when she steals the kids toys."

  • "Suri, who I got at the age of 2 and had always lived in the streets listens to me all the time and rarely leaves my side when out for a hike.  Turk who I adopted at 4 months of age is easily distracted by squirrels, birds, etc.  He always comes back but his recall is terrible!"

  • "Aura's stubborn unless shes in the mood."

  • "The good behavior took some time to develop."

  • "Disobeys and ignores commands when chasing something, like a bird, squirrel, etc."

  • "Very mischievous."

  • "Tiki is stubborn. She likes to stay outside so sometimes when we call she doesn't come.  Inside she comes immediately.  Very smart.  Mimics the Labradors."

  • "Hard to train, dismissive of family members, always affectionate to greet, cannot leave ANY food out on counters (4 ft high) has eaten braces retainers, dug through covered trash barrels."

  • "Comes home easily if left alone after he has explored what he wants but will lead you on a merry chase if you try to get him back sooner."

  • "Used to wander and take herself for walk. First 3 years."

  • "Does not like to come when called when off leash."

  • "Ignores often."

  • "Very independent."

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