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How Potcakes Behave as Pets

These are the final results gathered from 547 potcakes living in homes across the

United States, Canada, the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, and Germany.


Potcake owners answered a detailed behavioral questionnaire,

revealing what potcakes are really like as pets. 

From strays on the streets to being in loving homes in all types of climates,

potcakes show remarkable similarities in their behavior.  


What are Potcakes like?

Are potcakes highly intelligent and easy to housetrain, or slow to learn?  Are they lazy couch potatoes, or energetic and playful?  When they do play, what are their favorite toys and activities?  Do most potcakes run away due to their origins as strays, or do they stay put?  Keep reading to find out! 

Study last updated 7/4/2015

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