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- Clings to people rather than other dogs
- Extremely afraid of other people.
very attached and protective of human parents, baby brother cat, home, car. protective. barks to announce people.
she tries to stop me from going out the door with out her
shy around new people
Butt biter of strangers. Guard dog
she's a herder!
Seems to love everyone.
Haggis is very loyal and loving to my husband and myself but really doesnt pay much attention to other people, he is friendly towards other people but aloof.
Only licks me and my boyfriend. Stays away from others.
Does not like strangers or unfamilliar kids
paces around someone she doesn't know
Very fearful of new people and things. She's very sweet once she gets used to her surroundings.
Usually he's good with kids, but if he's cornered and not able to move freely, he might growl if a kid tries to pet him.
Very friendly with people and dogs he knows
He loves kids. All the neighborhood kids know him. He gets really excited when he sees my son put on his soccer cleats, he knows we are going to the field. He even climbs up the bleachers to sit on the bench with the team when they are resting. I was surprised at how much he loves kids.
Katy loves all people and all dogs - esp. children!
Extremely loyal, intellegent and laidback personality, very friendly with adults and children, submissive

Acts like a sentry in the car
very protective of our space...
very protective
She LOVES to ride in the car but sometimes won't come and plays hard to catch. Once she is leashed she marches right along and hops in the car.
Growls when she thinks she is protecting the house...then looks at us and wags her tail
Barks when people walk by windows
Turkey is protective of the house but if told no, he greets happily and is very friendly. He seems to be part French shepherd and does have protection instinct, but it is easily controlled.
very protective of property
Charges dogs who come on her property
HATES the mailman, gets ver aggressive
She shivered on her first boat ride, first car ride..but now hops right in
Growls when dogs pass home
just don't get off on to my dock....
Car rides make him anxious, but he jumps in the car without trouble.
Car rides are her favorite
barks to let us know when somebody is near our house, but no aggression at all.
Very protective of our property
He loves to go for car and boat rides.
love going for a boat ride
He also likes to "patrol" the home like a sentry. He goes from window to window around the house just observing.
She is very protective of her home
extremely loyal, smart and affectionate.
Travels easily on planes, boats, car and golf carts!!
Is on high alert in the car. We call her radar.

air bites if others come too close to human parents.
Very protective of me
Puts herself between perseived danger and us
She growls a little when I am with a that I do not introduce to her
She is protective of us and her home, we're working on getting her to understand that this is not the way to do so. She's smart, she's learning, she's still a baby, afterall. ;)
protective and loyal of family members.
She is very protective of us

Likes to groom her older sister (Shep mix, not a potcake) by licking her face and ears.
Easily distracted by people or horses going past the fence
I walk her off leash in Central Park daily. The only thing that can distract her is squirrels.
responds quickly to scolding by older dog; learns place quickly from older dog;
She playfully growls at younger dogs as she is playing with them and is being very rambunctious.
She plays with the labs and has fun. She kisses the labs every day. When she met the alpha lab she immediately cleaned her mouth
shows teeth when playing, jumps and lunges when on a leash towards other dogs.not aggressive but frustrated.
Greets dogs by placing her paws on their back
She'll just drop to ground and roll on back if she is scared by a bigger dog
he growls when the other dog comes upstairs and shows teeth to him...he never has gone at him though.
she submits immediately to all dogs big & small, even guinea pigs.
likes to play with our other dogs, chasing each other, biting legs, play fighting
when a young pup would growl and raise fur on back when he sensed another dog had been in the area or was in the area. no longer does this as an older/more socialized dog.
Very social, loves daycare and playing with other dogs
horses! he was always guarded around them, but ever since my horse charged him, he is petrified of horses.
When our other dog in the house becomes territorial over a rawhide chewy
When approached by another dominant dog he shows fear
Excited when playing with her brother potcake
She LOVES doggie daycare!
very independent, loyal, great with other dogs and cats
Gets along with every creature

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