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Favorite Activities

loves soft toys that squeak
Loves toys! She will play with multiple toys at once.
Loves stuffed toys and chewing bones. She has her favorite toys she always wants to take outside but she isn't allowed. She has shown no interest in fetching anything.
Hides and buries bones
She loves to follow other dogs who are fetching things!
Very, very playful. Steals things to incide being chased.
He likes to carry our shoes around the house when we get home. He doesn't eat them, he just struts around very proud of himself.
She DOES enjoy digging!
No interest in fetching at all.
My potcake loves to run and play but is also happy being a couch potato.
Very athletic dog, high energy
I buy him puppy puzzles that are supposed to keep him from getting bored but he solves them immediately. He also loves to fetch especially balls. He is so loyal and just wants constant attention. If I leave the room he is right there with me. He is an excessive chewer and will gnaw on anything.
She is an incredibly fast runner. Few dogs or people can keep up with her.
likes to run after a ball but does not bring it back to me
he brings a stuffed toy with him to bed each night. he picks a different one each night.
Loves chewing and LOVES licking. Loves to run in the park but sleeps most of the day. She doesn't seem to NEED to go to the park to run like her pot cake brother
Digging is a big one, and chewing on things in the yard. She's chewed off wiring harnesses on our utility trailer and boat, chewed her doghouse, and anything else left in the yard. She almost died as a youngster because she ate the crushed shell in our yard and got a blockage.
Won't bury ham bones if you're watching; you have to turn away or go inside. Must think we'll tell the cat(s) where she hid them :)
Loves to run on the beach at full pelt following our boat along the shore
Electra collects objects in piles, rocks, twigs, socks
We're working on curbing the mooching. Is fine with water & snow, will sometimes fetch until he loses interest. Lives to hoard socks & toys
she will eat all things organic: grass, seeds, mushrooms etc. She runs and plays outside but lounges when all is quiet inside.
likes being chased

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